Murals of St. Louis

Mar 29, 2023 | Trip Inspiration, Stories

Like peanut butter to jelly or a late night to a slinger (what’s a slinger?), St. Louis and stunning murals go hand-in-hand. Some are displayed prominently, elevating the atmosphere of a neighborhood, while others are tucked away and waiting to provide you with a pleasant surprise.

Tracy Jane Weidel, St. Louis-based photographer and organizer of Murals of St. Louis, is dedicated to documenting murals, graffiti, and outdoor art, as well as highlighting the creators and locations of the work.

Here’s what Tracy Jane had to say about her efforts to capture public art and share it with the world.

“I started Murals of St. Louis because I was so inspired by all of the amazing outdoor public art in St. Louis. I kept discovering hidden gem murals and graffiti, and wanted to help others find them too. As a photographer, I’m always looking for new, colorful spaces, and I believe in sharing those spots with others. Many people have helped me create the mural map and bring exposure to the incredible array of talented artists who hail from St. Louis. St. Louis also attracts world-class artists from around the globe. We are truly lucky to be such a hub for arts and culture.”

You can find your way by using Tracy’s mural map here, and stay informed on amazing murals by following Murals of St. Louis’ Instagram page.

On this blog: Mural in header image by @remixuno. Mural in square feature image by @killernapkins / photo courtesy of @muralsofstlouis