Why St. Louis

We don’t know what you’ve heard about St. Louis. Yes, we have the beloved Gateway Arch, a National Park with one of the most iconic monuments and impressive pieces of public art found anywhere. But we can tell you with confidence there are many more reasons you’ll want to add St. Louis to your shortlist of spots to visit.

Here, big city energy and amenities mix with a place that’s easy to get around, inexpensive to explore, and authentic to the core. Throw out anything you think you know about “flyover country”. St. Louis – with its deep roots in music and famously adventurous spirit – is full of hustle, heart and creatives of all kinds ready to welcome you with open arms.


St. Louis’ cultural diversity is a source of pride and strength for our region. Rarely is this more evident than when you’re searching for a specific type of cuisine in one of our distinct neighborhoods or taking in the sights, sounds and tastes at a cultural festival, such as the International Institute’s Festival of Nations. This diversity of people, perspectives and passions means you can always find your vibe here. You’ll be amazed at how much there is to do and how unique your experiences are.


St. Louis isn’t the geographic center of the lower 48, but it’s not far off. Situated near the confluence of the mighty Mississippi and Missouri Rivers before they roll down to the Gulf of Mexico, we’re an easy drive from a number of great Midwestern cities like Chicago, Nashville, Louisville, Kansas City, Indianapolis and Oklahoma City. Or hop a quick flight to St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Once you’re here, it’s incredibly easy to get around. Minimal traffic, plenty of parking, and wonderfully walkable neighborhoods.


A little goes a long way in St. Louis. Offering amazing experiences for free is kind of our thing. Unbelievable art fairs? Free to attend. An outdoor concert? No charge. World-class productions of Shakespeare in an award-winning park? Also, free. Nationally renowned art museums and sculpture parks? You guessed it – free. And if it’s not free, you can usually find a theatre performance or music show for a shockingly good price almost any night of the week. We believe in and advocate for fully supporting artists financially, but we’d be lying if we said you couldn’t have an incredible vacation here and still have plenty of money left over.


Since 1985, a percentage of taxes from hotel and motel stays in St. Louis City and County go towards supporting individual artists and nonprofit arts organizations through grants and professional opportunities. That means when you lay your head down at any one of the areas amazing hotels, you’re giving back to the creatives who work hard to make St. Louis such a vibrant, thrilling place for residents and visitors alike. Learn more about how we support one of our most vital and valuable resources – St. Louis’ creative community.


People make the place, and St. Louis is full of artists, entrepreneurs and advocates who share their creativity and passion to make this a fantastic place to live and play. Go behind the scenes and get the inside scoop on the people and places that help elevate STL. We’re proud to celebrate them by sharing their stories with you. MORE


St. Louis has a ton to offer. And while we’re not opposed to bragging on ourselves, we’re always grateful when other people and publications out there get a chance to visit and see STL for how special it really is. Curious if the Gateway to the West is the right spot for your next weekend getaway? Check out these articles to get more insight into the good thing we have going on here. MORE