Launches MUSIC FOR A CAUSE to Support Local Artists

Apr 12, 2024 | Stories, Trip Inspiration is excited to kick off its new initiative to help fund grants for local artists. By teaming up with local show promoters and music venues, MUSIC FOR A CAUSE will get a small percentage of each ticket sale to help support the artists that make St. Louis great.

Local promoter Open Highway Presents is the inaugural partner in MUSIC FOR A CAUSE. This year, the company expects to include more than 30 shows that will benefit the initiative.

“As a proudly independent musician, promoter and festival creator, community is everything. St. Louis Arts has been an incredible partner to us and a true force of good in an ever-changing and evolving music scene. In a world filled with double-talk, St. Louis Arts is steadfastly behind arts and creators to their core. I am honored to be partners with such a caring and action-oriented organization and I know that our contribution will help others in their artistic journey in our great city thanks to St. Louis Arts and Music for a Cause.

“People love music. People love to give back. MUSIC FOR A CAUSE lets them do both,” said Jay Scherder with “By promoting the shows that are a part of it, we are helping lift up artists who are trying to make a name for themselves, both local and national touring acts.”

Check out all the MUSIC FOR A CAUSE shows below.

All proceeds of MUSIC FOR A CAUSE will go to the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RACSTL), the largest public funder of art in the region. Find out more about RACSTL’s Artist Support Grants –

MUSIC FOR A CAUSE Shows by Open Highway Presents

More shows will be added in 2024! 

Check out a list of national acts coming to St. Louis in 2024.