Rocket Supernova & the Dawn of Solaria

Apr 17, 2023 | Stories, People Make the Place

Native St. Louisan Rocket Supernova defines himself as a creator, being mindful not to limit himself to any one form of self-expression. He slides seamlessly between fashion, painting, and music. Rocket’s upcoming exhibition, Dawn of Solaria, which takes place on Saturday, April 22 at 1441 North 2nd Street St. Louis, MO 63102, seeks to push the boundaries between fashion, art, and audience.

Rocket sees fashion as a means of artistic expression that’s accessible to everyone, and he encourages those in his orbit to embrace it with a childlike sense of exploration and fearlessness. “Fantasy is fact”, he says. “Children have imagination untainted by the structure of society and can use clothing as a blank canvas.”

Dawn of Solaria promises to embody this sentiment, constructing an energetic, welcoming world for the audience through rich visuals, music, and thoughtful curation of the space. Rocket says attendees should anticipate imagination. “Expect stuff that society has tried to leave to the realm of mythology,” he says, emphasizing that he, along with the fashion models and collaborators, use archetypes to bring mystery and fantasy to life.

A deeper conversation with him reveals layers to his identity that invite exploration and are indicative of the originality behind St. Louis’ avant-garde arts scene. Rocket refers to himself as “a multi-dimensional being with unlimited versions of himself that exist throughout the cosmos”, which he often channels for inspiration on designs. Ultimately, these versions of himself believe in a greater future for the world and humanity through the power of art.

This hopeful vision is evident among an underground creative movement that continues to gain ground by pairing boundary-pushing artistic expression with a clear passion for building a supportive community that generates opportunities for St. Louis creators.

“I love my city, and I feel like it’s come a really long way,” Rocket said. “Right now, the creative arts community is exceptional. It has a lot of support from the ground level. We’ve been building, and we’re in this together.”

Rocket is quick to give credit to other St. Louis artists who find meaning in supporting the collective and emphasizing the arts as a healthy, prosperous outlet for youth. Brock Seals, Mvstermind, InnerGy, Just Rich, Corey Black, and Rocket’s brother, Nikee Turbo, are all St. Louis-based artists he identified as successful, innovative creatives who intentionally make space for other artists to shine.

“In St. Louis you have some of the most genuine, heartfelt people. We keep it real, but you can relate to us,” Rocket said. “There’s no place like home. The creative artists here – the makers, the ground shakers, the people who make stuff happen – they embody this quality. And the world is missing that.”

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