ARTIST Amy S. Miller
TITLE All Heart
LOCATION Coming Soon


Born and raised in the St. Louis region, a city resident for over twenty years and running my fine art framing and studio practice here for the past five, I find the city constantly inspires me and fuels my creativity.

Transitioning my painting techniques to larger scales for murals presents its own set of challenges, which I embrace eagerly. As a mural artist, I strive to create visually captivating pieces that not only beautify public spaces but also authentically represent the diverse identities and aspirations of the community. Each project is approached with careful consideration of how the artwork can positively impact individuals’ physical and emotional health. This involves deliberate choices regarding color, composition, and imagery to create environments that promote positive mindsets.

Prior to starting a project, I invest time in researching the history and demographics of the area, seeking to understand the community members and their unique perspectives. Collaboration is key, particularly with those who may face barriers to accessing art, as their input is integral to creating meaningful and impactful pieces. In contributing to the community through my artistic practice, I aim to enrich environments and enhance the quality of life for those who interact with my work. Whether through murals that celebrate local culture or paintings that evoke contemplation and reflection, my goal is to create art that resonates with authenticity and fosters connection among individuals.

Overall, my artistic journey is driven by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to making art accessible and meaningful to all. Through continued exploration and engagement with diverse communities, I strive to contribute positively to the cultural landscape while fostering empathy and
understanding through the power of visual expression.

From my first small public mural in Peter Matthews Memorial Skate Garden, to the most recent large mural at Manchester Aquatic Center, I have continually sought opportunities to grow as an artist and expand my skills and capabilities. This mural project would not only allow me to extend this process but also give back to the community I love.