ARTIST David Ruggeri
TITLE Untitled
LOCATION Coming Soon


Combining elements of graffiti and pop art, I aim to capture the spirit and energy of urban life. Through bold colors, intricate patterns, and dynamic compositions, I create visually captivating pieces that reflect the vibrancy and diversity of life. I draw inspiration from the graffiti subculture, where self- expression and rebellion collide, and from the iconic imagery of pop art with its bold graphics that display not only social commentary but also whimsical elements of nostalgia.

My work, mostly composed of acrylic and spray paint, uses layers upon layers of paint and tells stories of the past and present. I strive to capture raw emotions as well as the beauty and simplicity that can be found amidst the chaos and serenity of the present and past. Graffiti, often dismissed as vandalism, has the power to transform public
spaces into a vibrant gallery, sparking conversations, provoking thought, and rekindling memories. Through my art, I aim to challenge societal norms of what fine art is, and bring a sense of joy and wonder to those who encounter it.

Ultimately, my goal as a graffiti pop artist is to create art that is accessible and relatable, bridging the gap between the street and the gallery, and celebrating the rich tapestry of urban imagery. I hope to inspire others to see the beauty and potential of nontraditional art forms as a means of beauty and expression.

My work has been exhibited in premiere galleries including ones in New York City, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Toronto. Additionally, I have shown my work at nationally recognized art fairs, including those in Miami, Atlanta, Jackson Hole, Aspen, Ketchum Idaho, St. Louis, and Detroit. My works have been purchased by collectors across the US, as well as in Canada and Europe.

I have also completed mural projects around St. Louis. One piece, “Banned Books” is on the side of Dunaway Books on South Grand. This piece speaks to the numerous instances of books being banned from public libraries and school classrooms not only in Missouri but around the country. This piece, 19′ x 18′, shows a stack of books that are commonly censored.

Following the horrific events of October 24th 2022, when an act of gun violence occurred at CVPA I searched for some way to give back and show my support for the CVPA and Collegiate communities. I was honored to be asked to paint a locker mural, welcoming students back to in person learning for the first time in 3 months. For the CVPA mural, I chose “Peace”, blending vibrant colors, cartoon imagery, my graffiti style, and symbols of love and hope to bring the students some joy and encouragement during those trying times.