TITLE Still Standing
LOCATION Coming Soon


[Artist] is a muralist and sculptor with a remarkable career spanning over three decades. Hailing from Bolivia, his artwork has earned global recognition, adorning prestigious venues such as the SIUE Art & Design Building, Better Family Life, Washington University, STLCitySC Downtown St Louis and various others, including private collections worldwide. His artistic passion finds its zenith in mural creation, which he perceives as a potent means of storytelling. His creative process involves extensive research, enriching his understanding of human experiences and our world’s intricacies.

For [artist], murals serve as intricate expressions of societal complexities, fostering dialogues on social, cultural, and occasionally controversial themes, thereby nurturing a collective social conscience. Through unwavering dedication, hw has transformed his lifelong dream of being a full-time artist into reality. Presently based in St. Louis while also maintaining a residence in La Paz, Bolivia, his commitment to both locales manifests in his ongoing mural projects and his proactive involvement in community education and engagement.

[The Artist’s] influence extends beyond his artistic endeavors; he is equally revered as an educator and community leader. Beyond his studio walls, he actively participates in seminars and lectures in both St. Louis and La Paz, sharing his expertise and kindling others’ passion for mural art. Moreover, [the artist] channels his artistry to stimulate social awareness, shedding light on contemporary and historical injustices. His dedication to education is evident through his decade- long involvement in after-school programs, where he imparts knowledge on contemporary issues and fundamental art principles. [Artist’s] innovative teaching approach amalgamates math, science, and art, instilling in his students a holistic understanding of creativity’s role in problem-solving. Beyond his artistic contributions, [artist’s] commitment to fostering critical thinking and artistic expression solidifies his standing as a revered figure in contemporary art.