ARTIST Gregory Michael Carter
TITLE Untitled
LOCATION Jay’s International Foods


[Artist] is a Houston born artist and community activist. He lives and works in Fox Park, St. Louis, MO, where he is an active member of a vibrant art community. He has been an Eagle Scout for many years. He currently works for The Boy Scouts of America, teaching a diverse group of children from all over the city, county, and in rural Illinios about the value of S.T.E.M in their everyday lives. He worked teaching children at The Magic House, on Delmar, and he also currently works as a substitute art teacher, in every local school district.

[The artist] attended Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia and studied Fine Art, Art History and Computer Science. He is fascinated by culture, as well as history. Those tenets are two of driving factors in his practice. After leaving More- house he traveled to 30 countries, and visited more than 50 UNESCO world heritage sites. The influence of those experiences on his work cannot be understated.

[The artist] is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily with drawing, printmaking, painting, collage, and photography. The community activism/social practice aspect of his practice has held many forms over the years, including him being asked to join the board of directors at Project Row Houses, but most recently it has manifested itself in the form of an arts nonprofit he’s developing called The Milburn Institute for Research and Development. [The artist] is also the Co-founder of, an online retailer dedicated to supporting and uplifting neighborhood he grew up in and loves so much. The brand donates half of its revenue to local nonprofits like Project Row. Houses, Shape Community Center, and others. Last year, [the artist’s] work was on view at the San Antonio Museum of Art, as part of the Texas Biennial. Since then he has participated in a lengthy residency in Marrakech, Morocco at the Montresso Foundation. This residency culminated in an exhibition that was part of the 154 Art fair in Marrakech, which took place in February of 2023. Most recently his work was part of the annual exhibition series at Project Row Houses in Houston, Texas.